At our core, we are a community organization.

We are massively focused on producing events that bring people together with content that is joyous, positive, safe, kosher, and nurturing.

The Shabbat Inc is on a Mission to bring peace and unity by revealing the G-dliness in simchas (joyous occasions) such as Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, birthdays, weddings, community events, corporate events, guest speakers, and special occasions.  


The Shabbat Resort:  We are engaged in full and partial buyouts of resorts, hotels, and venues for occasional events around the world. We are also actively seeking acquisition or MBO (managed buyout) of resorts, hotels, and venues to become “The Shabbat Resort” theme full time year-round and will be open to the general public.    

The Shabbat Shows:  We produce kosher comedy shows, musical acts and bands, speaking engagements with keynote speakers, and more.  Open to the general public and available for private events.

The Shabbat Camp:  We host kids’ camp from 2 years to 16 years for members at Shabbat Resort events.

The Shabbat Kiddush: Kosher theme restaurant open to the general public.  Usually associated with a Shabbat Resort and Shabbat Shows.

The Shabbat Self-Defense:  We believe people should be prepared for attack against their person.  Whether with hands, a knife, or gun, it is incredibly important to be able to protect yourself, family, and community.

The Shabbat Shwag:  Campaign to increase appreciation for life for all people of the world.  We are selling high quality mugs, clothing, and cling-on window stickers featuring the “flame” – which is your unique, beautiful soul.

Create Your Own Event:  Are you an occasional or regular host?  We provide a free platform for you to create the event, manage your guests and staff, and help source other things you may need to turn it into a successful Shabbaton experience.  

The Shabbat Profiles:  Invite entertainers, leaders, staff, and guests to your event.  Costs are between the parties and individually negotiated.  We are just offering the connection.

The Shabbat Hosting:  Join the Mission and host a simcha!  Whether it be 8 people for Shabbat dinner or a 2,500 person simcha at a venue, we will help you turn it into a successful Shabbaton experience.  


If profit is generated, it is donated.  We try to generate enough revenue to cover our costs so we do not have to fundraise.  



Aryeh Avraham Rifkin


Aryeh Avraham Rifkin “Aryeh” is the President and Founder of SHABBAT INC, a 501c3 nonprofit.  He produced over 260 kosher events including PASSOVER IN LAS VEGAS in 2023.  He founded THE SHABBAT INC to unite Jews and help usher in the Cosmic Shabbat of 1,000 years for all people of the world.

Aryeh, 51, was raised unobservant but became baal tshuvah around 2004.  He participated with many synagogues and communities, and was strongly influenced by Chabad.  Aryeh describes his hashkafa as a fusion of Orthodox and Chabad.  

Professionally, Aryeh is a career CEO / entrepreneur in the fields of architecture, engineering, mortgage banking and software technology.  His wife, who is a cardiac anesthesiologist and critical care (ICU) physician, is very supportive of his Mission as leader of The Shabbat Inc.  Their son, Chaim, attends yeshiva and is very much a part of all that Aryeh does professionally and in the community.  

After a cancer diagnosis and laryngectomy in 2011, Aryeh’s focus shifted away from financially profitable endeavors to family and community, which is more profitable spiritually and certainly more enriching. In 2014, Aryeh founded JACLA – Jewish Activities Center of Los Angeles. What started out as a meeting spot on Pico-Robertson became the most active observant venue outside Israel in the world. Over 500 Jews attended weekly.  JACLA published a magazine distributed to over 10,000 Jews in Las Angeles.  


Yona Lunger
Back of House Manager

Yona Lunger is one of the most experienced managers of back of house operations with nineteen (19) years of producing Passover programs.  Yona has worked with the top kosher resorts, caterers and chefs in the world, and has produced some of the largest programs in the world with over 3,000 people at the Fountainbleau in Miami, and other resorts worldwide.  

Yona is an ordained rabbi but chose to become a Real Estate developer.  He builds 5k-10k homes per year worldwide, and is currently involved with building two fully shomer Shabbos master planned communities near Lake Okeechobee, Florida.  CEO at SYL Investment Group; Executive Chairman North Miami Chamber of Commerce; Executive Director of Chesed of South Florida.

Yona Lunger is the founder of Chesed of South Florida inc. Jewish Diabetic Network, and Jewish Cancer Network. Mr. Lunger received his Masters in Rabbinical Social Studies, Grief and Crisis Counseling, and has a BA in Marketing. Mr. Lunger is on the G.M.J.F Chaplaincy Board, is a Clergy for Mount Sinai Hospital and in Aventura Hospital, He is the chair for The North Miami Beach Religious Committee, serves on the City of North Miami Beach Multicultural Board. and serves as Chairman for the executive Board & Past President for the Greater City North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, as well as Emergency Responder Florida. Lunger is the South Regan Director of Vital One Search and Rescue / ZAKA. Recently, Mr. Lunger received The Humanitarian award from The City of North Miami Beach Mayor and Council.

Rabbi Berel Simpser

Kosher Supervision, Advisor

THE SHABBAT INC’S kosher supervision is under IKM – INTERNATIONAL KOSHER MEHADRIN. Specializing in the oversight over hotel events, IKM is founded by Rabbi Berel Simpser who has 30 years extensive leadership in the OU, CRC, ORB and STAR-K, and wrote the online coursework for the kosher manufacturing industry and leads on-site Kosher training workshops for the staff of major resort chains.

Rabbi Simpser is a musmach of Yeshiva V’Kollel Ramach (Rabbi Zweig’s Yeshiva in Miami). He also studied at Yeshivas Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon (Y.U.) and Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore. He founded the Community Kollel of Des Moines in 1999, established Aish MN in 2006, and currently lives in Florida where he learns in Kollel.
He is one of the most experienced Rav Hamachshirim in the areas of hotel Kashrus and kosher cruising, having supervised close to 50 Pesach programs, 30 cruises, as well supervising large venues (5000+ attendees) such as the North American Federation’s General Assembly 5 day convention.

INTERNATIONAL KOSHER – MEHADRIN has a staff of seasoned Rav Hamachshirim, most with multi-decade experience in Kashrus, who oversee programs for Pesach, Sukkot, Yeshiva week, destination events, private groups and more throughout North America, Mexico, Cuba, Panama, Greece, UAE and the Caribbean.

Michal T. Margolese C.Ht.

Director of Guest Relations

Michal Taviv-Margolese has been serving the Jewish non-profit world for well over a decade. Her career spans multiple continents, every denomination and various national and international organizations including but not limited to JConnect, Aish HaTorah, LINK KOLLEL, the Orthodox Union-NCSY, CHABAD and more.

She brings to the table love for the Jewish people, an expertise in events, programming & development as well as an unparalleled passion for people.

Her candor, leadership and solution focused approach are appreciated by all who know her.

In 2020 Founding Master The Mind Hypnotherapy and Executive Coaching, Michal brought her formidable skills and experience to deepen one-on-one relationships with her clients, and be a facilitator for positive and meaningful change.

Michal is thrilled to be undertaking this mammoth project and back in the Jewish non-profit world and looks forward to warmly welcoming each and every one of our Passover guests from around the world.

“Our goal is to ensure every single guest and family feel part of this growing and vibrant community, and are connected through fantastic entertainment, inspired davening, the great and gorgeous outdoors, networking possibilities and so much more to their Jewish heritage and birthright. “

Michal T. Margolese C.Ht.

Tahlia Miller

Guest Relations

Tahlia Miller rejoins Aryeh Rifkin’s THE SHABBAT INC 10 years after working together to start the most active observant Jewish venue outside Israel in the world – JACLA. Tahlia has spoken at many Pesach programs on a range of subjects such as her experience as the 1st Lady of Jewish rock touring the world with legendary singer Matisyahu.

Tahlia has become a pilar in the Jewish community. While living in Crown Heights, she co-founded Lamplighters Yeshiva. In Los Angeles, Tahlia was a featured speaker for Jewlicious festivals. In the community, she worked as a doula, specializing in assisting women attempting VBAC birth and volunteered as a doula for women from low-income backgrounds, and recently earned a BSN at PACE University, became an RN specializing in postpartum (mother-baby care) and labor & delivery. Shes helps a diverse population of women to have healthy, meaningful birth experiences, while educating them on how to care for themselves and their newborns.

Tahlia has a passion for teaching Torah and Jewish event production. She specializes in the arts, informal education and women’s health Tahlia earned a BFA from NYU’s TISCH School, while interning for award-winning documentary filmmakers and produced Jewish film events for The Bronfman Center as the Film Fellow. Tahlia created her own film production company for non-profit organizations and still travels the world as a Jewish public speaker.

Jodi Weiss

Guest Relations

Jodi Weiss is a highly educated and an accomplished professional who has run the SHUL ON THE BEACH in Venice, California for more than 10 years.  

Jodi joined THE SHABBAT Mission in 2023 for its inaugural program – PASSOVER ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP.

Rabbi Eli Herman

Head Mashgiach

Rabbi Eli Herman lives in Valley Village, California.  He is one of the most recognized and well liked head mashgichim around. 

Rabbi Herman has overseen countless Passover and year-round programs over the past 20+ years.   

Sara Lazar

Director of Children’s Program

Sara Lazar is an inspiring Jewish Educator who has led summer overnight camps, travelling camps for teens and day camps.  She is the co-director of the Chai West Center ( an active youth organization) in the West Island of Montreal for the last 17 years. 

Sara has a strong love and passion for The land of Israel and has led  birthright trips for college students, as well as TJJ for NCSY.  She speaks 5 languages , including Hebrew , French and Russian.

Sara also completed a Bachelor of Commerce. She works in Education teaching different subjects at an elementary school. She runs a Bat Mitzvah program and is a certified Kallah teacher giving classes to woman about Mikvah.

Are you Chabad?

No, we are not affiliated with Chabad but our Founder is close with Chabad. We are on parallel Missions. The difference between Chabad and THE SHABBAT INC is they bring Jews closer to Torah whereas we bring Jews closer together. We work with all Jewish organizations including Chabad.

What’s a Shabbaton?

A Shabbaton is an event when people come together in observance of the Sabbath, Holiday (Yom Tov) or celebration (simcha) to participate in the occasion. The purpose of a Shabbaton is to bring people together.

Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It’s legendary resorts have the newest and most beautiful architecture and amenities in the world. It has the best of everything and is still affordable. It’s enormous event space make Las Vegas one of the hottest destinations on the planet.

Hosting Your Event

Wedding, bar mitzvah, simcha or function? Our exclusive partnership with RESORTS WORLD enables year-round production of 3rd party events. We work with individuals, groups and organizations to produce private and public kosher events. Height: 151px

Friendship with the Community

THE SHABBAT INC solves the biggest problem facing Jewish communities in Las Vegas – the lack of hotel, kitchen and venue space for large events. We partner with communities and organizations to host and produce their events.

Visiting Vegas

Thousands of Jews visit Las Vegas every day for business or pleasure. Our Vision is to offer Jewish visitors discounted rooms, kosher food, dovening, and access to a year-round program of kosher Jewish activities for singles and families.

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